Sunday, August 17, 2008

Isabella's Friend


Suely is my mother.She is a destist.Her favorite color is red.She likes TV ,music and dance.She likes horror movies.Suely wears scarves.Suely takes pictures.She is genurous.She likes the magazine Veja.Suely gets up at 6:00.She has breakfest at 6:55.She leaves home at 07:05.She arrives at work at 08:10.She gets to the class at 08:13.


Berta said...

Dear Isabella,
It is so cute and wonderful your friend is your mom. I have a daughter who is very clos and dear to me. Would you like to be a dentist like your friend?

Although my favorite color is not red, people say I look good in red. Which is your favorite color?

What kind of magazine is Veja? Is it a magazine for dentists?

All the best,
Berta in Caracas.
A friend of José Antonio.

Isabella said...

yes,my imagine friend is my mother.her favorit color is mother likes Veja magazines and magazines for dentist.

Good Bye,Isabella.

Giovanna said...

Hi Isabella !
Your mother is very cool !
What is her favorite sport ??

By, Giovanna ! 8)