Sunday, August 17, 2008

Giovanna's Friend


My best friend is Jessica. She studies English. She likes candy. She drinks soda. She in-line skating. She wears pajamas. She reads sports magazines. She studies at Leonard da Vinci. She gets up at 5:30 on school days. She has breakfast at 6 o`clock. She leaves home at 6:20. She arrives at school at 7 o`clock. She gets to the classroom at 7:15, She arrives at home at 12:30. She is in the 7th grade. She is very intelligent. She always does her homework. She never gossips about her friends. She is a perfect friend.


Berta said...

Hi Giovanna,
I would love to know more about your friend. Nice painting, by the way.

All the best,
berta in Caracas,
A friend of Jose Antonio.

stephany said...

Hi Giovanna, your best friend is cool :)