Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Joao Pedro

His name is João Pedro da Silva. He is from Australia. He is seventeen years old. His birthday is on March 6 . He has a brother and a sister. They names is Lucas and Julia. He interested in the envirounment. His hobbies are swiming and soccer. He likes chocolate. He also likes rice,but he doesn't like brocoli and salad. His favorite singer is Britney Spears. His favorite band is System of a Down. His favorite tv show is the Simpsons.

Marina-by: Luisa

Her name is Marina Melo. She is from Canadá. She is twelve years old. Her birthday is on June 12th. Her sister is Luisa Melo. She is interested in fashion and sleeping. Her hobbies are listening to music and playing soccer. She like chocolate and ice cream. She hates salad. Her favorite singer is Justin Bieber.Her favorite band is Paramore. Her favorite tv show is everbody hates Chris

Godofredo da Piña

His name is Godofredo da Piña. He's from afaghanistan. His age is twelve years old. his birthday is decenber,31. he dosn't have a brother and a sister. He's interests information tecnology. His hobbies is plays soccer. He likes play soccer. He's dislikes carrots. His favorite single is shakira. his favorite band is skank . His favorite TV show is Fautão.

Yng Yong

His name is Yng Yong.He is from ITALY.He likes pizza,but he doesn't like lettuce.His birthday is on twenty of july. His hobbies are in-line skating.He is interested in sleeping and falling.His brother is Seanildo , and his sister is Ronalda.His favorite singer is Bob Marley.His favorite band is Metalica and his favorite TV show is Cooking and Eating.

Natália- by: Carol

Her name is Natália Peres. She is from Brazil. She is twelve years old. Her birthday is on November 17. Her brother is Norton Peres. She is interested in shopping and drawing. Her favorite hobbies are swimming and reading. She likes candy and watching TV. She doesn't like meat and pizza. Her favorite singer is Justin Bieber. Her favorite band is Black Yead Peas. Her favorite TV show is the soap ti ti ti.

André Garra Forte

His name is André Garra Forte.his from Campos do Jordão.His birthday is on October 13. His age is 15 years old.He likes chocolate,strognoff wagt fries and computer.He doesn`t like studying.His favorite singer is Gustavo Lima.His hobbies are riding kart and playeding soccer.His sister is Manuela Garra musculos.He is interest in walking

Urano de plutano

His name is Urano de Plutano. His is from a iglu.His age is twenty years old.His birthday is in may 1.Her sister is Anastacia.He´s interested in sleeping.His hobbies are read and skateboarding.He likes french fries and hamburger.He dislikes english and vegetables.Hia favorite single is Firgie.His favorite band is Green day.