Wednesday, October 22, 2008

When I was a Child

When I was a child, I watched television, I played soccer with my friends... And you, what did you do?

Monday, September 29, 2008

What are you doing?

In my house, at 7 o'clock in the morning I am waking up, my sister is having breakfast. My brother Milton is sleeping , my father is going to work, my mother is watching TV. My brother Paulo is reading the newspaper and my sister Ana is taking a shower. I also have a dog and at this time, my dog is running around the house. And in your house, what is everyone doing?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In my Fridge

In my fridge there isn`t a lot of food. There are two tomatoes and there is some lettuce. There is also some cheese, but there isn`t any milke. There are some mangos and there is some yogurt. What is there in your fridge.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Deborah's Friend


My imaginary friend is Mariana.She is very intelligent and Generous.She likes basketball.She likes video games.She plays piano and guitar.she drinks soda and spring hater .She studies French.She likes her watch.She is my friend .I like her.She is a regular girl.She gets up 6:00 and has her breakfast at 6:00 .She leaves home 6:30and get s ta classroom at 7:00 .She is mu best friend

Isabella's Friend


Suely is my mother.She is a destist.Her favorite color is red.She likes TV ,music and dance.She likes horror movies.Suely wears scarves.Suely takes pictures.She is genurous.She likes the magazine Veja.Suely gets up at 6:00.She has breakfest at 6:55.She leaves home at 07:05.She arrives at work at 08:10.She gets to the class at 08:13.

Ketlyn's Friend

My best friend is Beatriz. Beatriz likes soccer. She reads sports magazines.She watch tv. She likes candies. She studies english. She takes pictures.She is a generous person. She arrives at school at 8:30. She studies at JMJ. She has breakfest at ten past seven. She favorite singer Marcelo D2.

Giovanna's Friend


My best friend is Jessica. She studies English. She likes candy. She drinks soda. She in-line skating. She wears pajamas. She reads sports magazines. She studies at Leonard da Vinci. She gets up at 5:30 on school days. She has breakfast at 6 o`clock. She leaves home at 6:20. She arrives at school at 7 o`clock. She gets to the classroom at 7:15, She arrives at home at 12:30. She is in the 7th grade. She is very intelligent. She always does her homework. She never gossips about her friends. She is a perfect friend.

João's Friend


Bento's Friend

Bento Manoel

My imaginary friend name is Ratoli.Ratoli likes chocolate.He drinks soda.He plays tennis and soccer.He studies Spanish.He likes candy.He lakis horror movies.He lakies Santos.He gets up 12:00.

Guilherme's Friend

Guilherme Alves Teixeira Guimarães

My best friend Heitor
Heitor´s lifestyle
He plays soccer and basketball he plays video game computer he watches TV he likes chocolate he likes tomate a videos.Heitor get up 6:00 he ahs breakfast at 6:30 He leaves homa at 7:00 he arrives to school at 7:20 He gets to the classroom 7:30

Bruna's Friend


My best frind is Yolanda. She likes soccer. She makes videos. She studies English. She drinks spring water.She goes cycling. She plays the guitar.She plays video game. She reads music megazines. she studies at Sigma. She gats up at 5:30. She has beakfast at 6:00. She leaves home at 6:30. She arrives at school at 6:50 and She gets to the classroom at 6:55.

Gabriel G's Friend

gabriel g.

Laura likes volleyball.She studies English.She reads music magazines.She goes swimming.She likes chocolates.She plays the guitar.She goes cycling.She wears t-shirt.She drinks soda.She wears scarves.She listens to rock music.She takes pictures.She studies in La Salle.Shegets up at 7:00.She has breakfast at 7:20.She leaves home at7:40.She arrives at school at7:50.She gets to the clasroom at 8:00.

Marco Lucas' Friend

Marco Lucas

Ralph's Lifestyle.My best friend's Ralph.Ralph likes soccer.He studies French.He drinks soda.He is CECB.Ralph likes chocolate.He is in 7th grade.His favorite band is The Detonados.He likes music.Ralph studies English.Ralph likes corinthians.He plays the guitar and plays the druns.He likes cartoons.

Stephany's Friend


My best friend is Lorrayne. She likes candy, she likes drinks soda and water.She likes miusic, she play the guitar.She listen to funk and reggae. She is in the 1st year of high school.She studies at CEMAB. Her favorite singer Bob Marley. Her favorite color pink.

Larissa's Friend


José's Friend

My imaginary friend is supercookie,he can run,he can fly.He likes chocolate. He likes candy. He can play the guitar.He drinks stawberris juice. He loves video games. He gets up at 6:00 o'clock am.

Dayanne's Friend

Katia drinks juice.She studies English.She likes reading Turma da Monica.She likes French.She drinks spring water.She plays tennis end plays basketball.She studies Spanish.She studies at Leonardo da Vinci. She likes beach.She wears sneakers.She wears jeans and t-shirt.She goes cycling.She likes salsa music.

Camila Neres' Friend

Sandra is my friend.Sandra likes swimming, candies, dancing.She plays flute.Sandra likes aplles.Sandra reads "capricho" magazines.Sandra gets up at 6:00,she estudies at Marista.She has breakfest at 6:30.She lives home at 6:50.

Lucas' Friend

The name my imaginary friend is Cabeca grande.He plays video games.He plays the guitar.He doesn't wear scarves.He wears pajamas.He likes candy.He loves chocolate white.He reads sport magazines.He reads music magazines.He goes cycling.He goes in-line skating.He gets up at 6:00.He arrive to school at 7:00.He has breakfast at 6:20

Gabriel Inácio's Friend

He likes playing soccer.Ronaldinho speaks Spanih.He drinks soda.He drinks spring water.He likes horror movies

Saturday, February 2, 2008

We Share the Same Future

This is a video for a TV commercial , but it is so moving.I just love the message because it is about communication, technology, dreams, and diversity. I have some friends in the Arab World and it reminds me of the richness and warmth of their people and culture.At the same time it makes me wonder about equality and the opportunities that so many people might not have in many countries around the world. But leaving this concerns behinde, I still find it beautiful and touching.