Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gabriel G's Friend

gabriel g.

Laura likes volleyball.She studies English.She reads music magazines.She goes swimming.She likes chocolates.She plays the guitar.She goes cycling.She wears t-shirt.She drinks soda.She wears scarves.She listens to rock music.She takes pictures.She studies in La Salle.Shegets up at 7:00.She has breakfast at 7:20.She leaves home at7:40.She arrives at school at7:50.She gets to the clasroom at 8:00.


Berta said...

Hi Gabriel,
I see your friend Laura has got very short hair. It is probably because she goes swimming, cycling and plays volleyball and it is more practical to manage her hair that way.
I also love rock music and my favorite group is Linking Park. What is your friend¨s favorite rock group? And yours?

Best regards from Berta,
Jose Antonio´s friend in Caracas

m. lucas said...

gabrieil like rbd?
gabrieil like chictitas?