Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gabriel Inácio's Friend

He likes playing soccer.Ronaldinho speaks Spanih.He drinks soda.He drinks spring water.He likes horror movies


Berta said...

Hi Gabriel,
This is Berta, a friend of José Antonio, your teacher, in Caracas. I also speak Spanish, like your friend Ronaldinho, but I play tennis instead of soccer and I am really scared of horror movies ;-( but I like science-fiction films.
Can your friend speak Portuguese?

Best regards,


Hi Berta,my name is Gabrial.I like socces,I drink Coca-cola,I love parents and I don't like Volleyball

Berta said...

Hi Gabriel,
Thanks for your reply.
I also like Coca-cola but I don´t drink too much because it has tons of sugar and I have to watch my diet ;-) I don´t like volleyball either, but got to watch some at the olympic games. Did you watch the games on TV?

Cheers from Caracas, Berta