Sunday, August 17, 2008

Marco Lucas' Friend

Marco Lucas

Ralph's Lifestyle.My best friend's Ralph.Ralph likes soccer.He studies French.He drinks soda.He is CECB.Ralph likes chocolate.He is in 7th grade.His favorite band is The Detonados.He likes music.Ralph studies English.Ralph likes corinthians.He plays the guitar and plays the druns.He likes cartoons.


Berta said...

Hi Marco Luca,

Your friend seems to have a very interesting lifestyle. I am sure you like soccer like he does and drink cola and like chocolate as well. Do you?

I have never heard of The Detonados. What kind of music do they play? Are they Brazilian?

I see you friend plays the guitar and the drums. Do you play any musical instrument? Unfortunately I don´t, but I used to play the piano when I was a child. I have not practiced in a long time, unfortunately.

All the best,
Berta in Caracas
A friend of Jose Antonio

Marco Lucas said...

Hi Berta.
My caracter likes guarana.He is from Brasilia.He is speak french and chinese.He plays the guitar and play the flute.He plays soccer,plays basketbal,plays volleyball and surf.Can you play instrument?The detonados from England.He likes chocolate and candy.How old are you?He is eleven years old.Good Bye

Giovanna said...

Hi Marco Lucas...
Your draw is very good too...

Nova Acropole said...

is a moster,and you like rbd?
he likes hi scholl musical?

jose said...

marco lucas go ballet class.
marco use the ciricone

Berta said...

Hi Marco Luca, so nice questions you have asked me!!!
First I must say your friend has a very interesting combination of languages: Portughese, French and Chinese (I wonder if he speaks Cantonese, Mandarin or both).

Unfortunately, I can´t play any instrument well. As a child I had piano lessons and can play a bit now.

Even if my favorite group is Linking Park (alternative rock), you can guess my age if I tell you my son is 28 years old, wow, I must be really old, eh? Many of my 17 year old students love Linking Park as much as I do.

Cheers from Caracas,

Berta said...

OOhhhpppsss, sorry, I meant to write Portuguese, ha, ha ;-)

Marco Lucas said...

My caracter is like rock and Samba.
Ralph like skate.Do you like skate?

josé_lucas said...

do you like rbd?
do you like chikititas? do you like mcilicone?

Marco Lucas said...

My mother is reading.My father is studing.My sister is slepping.My cousin is eating.My uncle is fixing.My grandmother is slleping and reading.

jose said...