Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dayanne's Friend

Katia drinks juice.She studies English.She likes reading Turma da Monica.She likes French.She drinks spring water.She plays tennis end plays basketball.She studies Spanish.She studies at Leonardo da Vinci. She likes beach.She wears sneakers.She wears jeans and t-shirt.She goes cycling.She likes salsa music.


Berta said...

Dear Dayanne,

Like your friend Katia, I also like to drink juice, especially cranberry juice which I don´t find that easily in Venezuela where I live. I also like playing tennis but don´t play any basketball at all. I love to dance to salsa music but hate to liten to it.

What kind of music do you like? Do you dance salsa?

All the best,
Berta in Caracas
A friend of Jose Antonio

Gabriel Galvão said...

Do you like football?Do you like Fernanda Lima?

Dayanne said...

Hi Berta, thanks to the comment!
I like of music Diante do Trono.
I don't dance salsa, but Katia dance salsa, she soo danced salsa very well. She likes dance.

Stephany said...

Hi Dayanne !!
your friend is very beautiful :~
what is her favorite band ?

by, Stephany kiss girl :*

Berta said...

Hi Dayanne,
Thanks for your reply.
Since I did not know much about Diante do Trono, I googled it and found out it is a religious musical group. That´s excellent. Do people sing some of their songs at religious ceremonies, for example?
I don´t think we have a similar group here in Venezuela. There is a group of young men called "Vos Veis" who have very beautiful voices.

Cheers from Caracas, Berta

Dayanne said...

Hi Gabrel Galvão!I don't like football and I like soo soo Fernanda Lima.