Sunday, August 17, 2008

Camila Neres' Friend

Sandra is my friend.Sandra likes swimming, candies, dancing.She plays flute.Sandra likes aplles.Sandra reads "capricho" magazines.Sandra gets up at 6:00,she estudies at Marista.She has breakfest at 6:30.She lives home at 6:50.


Berta said...

Hi Camila, This is Berta in Caracas, a friend of your teacher.

I like the name of your friend, Sandra, it has a musical twist in it. Like Sandra, I also like
swimming, candies and especially dancing. I don´t play any musical instruments, though. Is Capricho a Brazilian magazine? What is it about?

Best regards,

Camila said...

Hello, This is Camila, Brasilian.
Capricho is Brasilian magzines, capricho is a girls magazines.
Bye, Camila.

Berta said...

Good to know. Thanks, Camila, for sending me information about Capricio.

Regards, Berta

Stephany said...

Hi Camila !
your friend is very good (:
kiss :*

Stephany said...

thanks :*

anonimo... said...

Hi !!!
camila your friends is a very beautiful!!

:) :) :)