Sunday, August 17, 2008

José's Friend

My imaginary friend is supercookie,he can run,he can fly.He likes chocolate. He likes candy. He can play the guitar.He drinks stawberris juice. He loves video games. He gets up at 6:00 o'clock am.


Berta said...

Dear José,
I am Berta in Caracas, a friend of your teacher.
Supercookie seems to be a wonderful friend, a super heroe who can even fly. No wonder he likes chocolate. It is probably fuel for his running and flying.
I like strawberry juice but love cranberry juice even more. I am sure Supercookie is as good at playing video games as you are.

All the best, Berta

Nova Acropole said...

my friends imaginari friend is a super heroes can fly,swim and like cookies your best friends is a bizzarro genius baby ,go in thye uoy tube e asquer bizzaroo geneus baby.

Marco Lucas said...

Do you like RBD?
Do you like Chiquititas?
José never takes a shower.
José likes Xuxa and Faustão.Ha,ha.
Do you like Corinthians?
Can you play soccer and play volleyball?
José likes A favorita and Ciranda de Pedra.Bye.Please reply.

Nova Acropole said...
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