Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lucas' Friend

The name my imaginary friend is Cabeca grande.He plays video games.He plays the guitar.He doesn't wear scarves.He wears pajamas.He likes candy.He loves chocolate white.He reads sport magazines.He reads music magazines.He goes cycling.He goes in-line skating.He gets up at 6:00.He arrive to school at 7:00.He has breakfast at 6:20


Berta said...

Hi Lucas,
I know from your drawing why your friend is called "Big Head" :-)

I wonder if he wears pajamas all the time? I am sure he is a great reader since he likes to read sports and music magazines. It is always fun to read about things we like, don´t you think?

What kind of spots do you play? Do you also go cycling and in-line skating like your friend?

All the best,
Berta in Caracas
A friend of José Antonio.

Marco Lucas said...

Lucas likes RBD.
Do you like jilo.
Lucas likes chiquititas and color pink.
Lucas loves Faustao,Xuxa,Caldeirao do Hulk.
Lucas likes telletabis and ursinho bilu.
Lucas likes bananas de pijamas.

lucas said...

hi Berta, he doesen't pajamasallthe time.Yes he likes to read a lot.
I play soccer.
I go snkst.

Marco Lucas said...

Apelo perdeu.

Berta said...

Nice reply, Lucas.
I did not understand what "snkst" means. I suppose it is some kind of abbreviation for something. Is is skates or skating? Do you use a lot of abbreviations when you chat with your friends?

See you, Berta

Anonymous said...

Lucas likes cilicone.
Lucas likes pink.
Lucas likes teletabis,banans de pijamas and ursinho bilu