Sunday, August 17, 2008

Guilherme's Friend

Guilherme Alves Teixeira Guimarães

My best friend Heitor
Heitor´s lifestyle
He plays soccer and basketball he plays video game computer he watches TV he likes chocolate he likes tomate a videos.Heitor get up 6:00 he ahs breakfast at 6:30 He leaves homa at 7:00 he arrives to school at 7:20 He gets to the classroom 7:30


Marco Lucas said...

Can he play the guitar?
Does likes corinthians?
I like corinthians
Does he like botafogo?
I dosn't like botafogo

Guilherme said...

He doesn´t play the guitar
He doesn´t likes corinthias,corinthians is a very bad.He is BOTAFOGUENSE is a very inteligent