Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ketlyn's Friend

My best friend is Beatriz. Beatriz likes soccer. She reads sports magazines.She watch tv. She likes candies. She studies english. She takes pictures.She is a generous person. She arrives at school at 8:30. She studies at JMJ. She has breakfest at ten past seven. She favorite singer Marcelo D2.

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Berta said...

Hi Ketlyn,
I love your name, by the way. I had never met a Ketlyn before ;-)

One of my best friends is also named Beatriz. She is a French teacher who studied in France.

Could you tell me what kind of songs does Narcelo D2 sing? Do you like his songs too? Is he very popular in Brazil?

All the best,
Berta in Caracas
A friend of Jose Antonio