Sunday, August 17, 2008

Deborah's Friend


My imaginary friend is Mariana.She is very intelligent and Generous.She likes basketball.She likes video games.She plays piano and guitar.she drinks soda and spring hater .She studies French.She likes her watch.She is my friend .I like her.She is a regular girl.She gets up 6:00 and has her breakfast at 6:00 .She leaves home 6:30and get s ta classroom at 7:00 .She is mu best friend


Berta said...

Hi Deborah,
Your friend is amazing. Mariana plays musical instruments, loves video games and is generous and intelligent. No wonder you like her so much and has become your imaginary friend.

Ypu mentioned she likes basketball, does she play it too? Is basketball a popular sport among girls in Brazil? In Venezuela it is not very popular among our girls. Only boys seem interested in playing that sport.

All the best,
berta, a friend of jose Antonio in Caracas.

Deborah said...

Yes.She does.In Brazil it is a sport popular .
Tanks for your comment

Berta said...

Your welcome, Deborah.
Bye, Berta