Saturday, February 2, 2008

We Share the Same Future

This is a video for a TV commercial , but it is so moving.I just love the message because it is about communication, technology, dreams, and diversity. I have some friends in the Arab World and it reminds me of the richness and warmth of their people and culture.At the same time it makes me wonder about equality and the opportunities that so many people might not have in many countries around the world. But leaving this concerns behinde, I still find it beautiful and touching.


HTVspring said...

A very nice blog with fantastic material - the ad can be a great topic for discussion!
Best wishes,
Jurate from Lithuania

Maru said...

Dear Jose Antonio:

This blogg looks great! You are right, the video is moving, we share the same future.

You have done here what I have not been able to do, a clock and a voice tool! Congratulations!
Your students will find wonderful material here.

Thanks for being there, Love: Maru From Mexico.

Maru said...

Your evoca Skype recording sounds excellent!
I could hear very clearly.
Besos. Maru

Berta said...

Thanks for sharing this video, Jose Antonio. I am glad I came by to this blog of yours.

By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! and best wishes for a new year in your life.

Berta from Caracas