Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Marina-by: Luisa

Her name is Marina Melo. She is from Canadá. She is twelve years old. Her birthday is on June 12th. Her sister is Luisa Melo. She is interested in fashion and sleeping. Her hobbies are listening to music and playing soccer. She like chocolate and ice cream. She hates salad. Her favorite singer is Justin Bieber.Her favorite band is Paramore. Her favorite tv show is everbody hates Chris


matheus said...

what's her faavorite food?

matheus said...


diego said...

What's her favorite color?

Carol Peres said...

What't her favorite color?
Who favorite singer?
What't her favorite band?

Luisa said...

Her favorite food is cookies
Her favorite color is purple
Her favorite singer is Justin Bieber
Her favorite band is Paramore