Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In my Fridge

In my fridge there isn`t a lot of food. There are two tomatoes and there is some lettuce. There is also some cheese, but there isn`t any milke. There are some mangos and there is some yogurt. What is there in your fridge.


Giovanna and Stephany said...

In my fridge there is some milk. There is some ham and cheese. There is some coke. There is some water. There is some chicken and steaks. There is an apple. There is an orange. There is some carrots. There is some limons. There is some chocolate. There is some eggs. There is a hamburguer. There is some juice.

lucas_jose said...

there are some chese,some ham,some chicken and some ice cream,a banana,an onrange,an apple,some eggs,some pizza,some bread,some saladad,some spagetti,some coke,some fries,an ice,some cornecoke.

Gabriel G. and Marco L. said...

In my fridge there is some milk.There is some cheese.There is some apples.There is a banana.There is some ham.There is an ice-crean.There is an orange.There is some chicken.There is some eggs.There is some juice.There is some soda.There is some salad.There is some tomatos.There is a coke.There is a carrot.

Dayanne said...

In my friedge there is some milk,some eggs,and some salad.There is some juice,some soda,an aplee,an orange,some ham,some tomatoes and potatoes.Rarely have some ice cream.

isabella said...

In my Fridge there are some milk.There are two pizza.There are some orange and apples.There is a bread.There is a litlle fish, meat
and litlle chicken.There is a salad.

larissa said...

In my fridge there is some milk.There are chocolate .There are a orange.There are some ham.There are an sala.There are some spaghetti.There is some carrots.
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

bento e joao said...

In my fridge there is some milk.There are eight bananas.There is some cokes.Oyeah coke it´s great.There are some tomatoes.There is some water. There is some soda.There are two oranges.There aresome vodka.ohhh it´s a lie!

Gabriel and Deborah said...

In my fridge there is some milk.
there is some tomatoes.
there is some ice-cream.
there is a carrot.
there is some bread.
there is an egg.
there is a hambuguer.
there is some rice.
there is some spaghetti.
there is a chocolate bar.
there is some salad.
there is some chicken.
there is an apple.
there is some chesse.
there is some fries.
there is some oranges.

Camila said...

In my fridge There is a greape juice. There isn't a milk. There are some meats. There aren't any vegetables. There are some apples, bananas, oranges, greape... There are some bread.

Guilherme said...

In my fridge there is some milk,some cheese and ham,some chocolat bar,some chicken and rice,a salad,an orange an apple,some carrots and tomatoes, a bread,an oranges
My fridge is full

bisou-joue said...

There isn't a lot of things neither ! There are only yoghurts, fuits juice and some sausages !